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About Blind Loyalty

The Blind Loyalty Trust’s sole purpose is to offer hope and clarity through essential ophthalmology procedures to under-privileged patients requiring corneal transplant surgery.

The Blind Loyalty Trust has been set up as an outcome of a very difficult and testing time in 2022 when Amanda Cromhout, The Trust's founder, was struck by fusarium keratitis.  This temporarily left her blind in her right eye.   Amanda endured three months of intense pain, received two emergency corneal transplants plus further surgery.   While Amanda was going through such an intense and painful experience, she realised this was something she would never want others who cannot afford healthcare, to have to endure, without financial support.

For this reason, she has founded the Blind Loyalty Trust.

Being sight-impaired has been the biggest life adjustment I have faced in 53 years, let alone the three months of terrifying pain in 2022.  If we can change the life of just one patient, this has all been worth it! Obviously we want to change the lives for so many with the support of the loyalty industry and the generosity and kindness of so many around the world.”
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All funds raised for The Blind Loyalty Trust will be used for ophthalmology procedures.  One of our founding trustees will provide his time pro bono as the specialist surgeon for Blind Loyalty beneficiaries, as identified by The Trust. Hard surgical costs will be covered by The Blind Loyalty Trust and the trustees will request other service providers to also contribute to procedures wherever possible.
Fundraising will be through various channels as follows:
Corporate Sponsorship

The Blind Loyalty Trust is supported by corporates willing to donate towards the trust’s purpose or to contribute in other ways. Some of the corporate brands prefer to remain anonymous but all generously donated funds are gratefully received.


Allow The Blind Loyalty Trust to become your redemption partner. Simply add us as an option for your loyalty currency to be redeemed into The Trust.

Blind Loyalty Book

Amanda Cromhout is a loyalty professional and is in the midst of completing her book about loyalty brilliance. She has always promised to write her loyalty book; it is titled Blind Loyalty.  All proceeds from the publication will go to The Blind Loyalty Trust.

Individual Sponsorship

Many individuals have already donated to The Blind Loyalty Trust via backabuddy in support of Amanda Cromhout’s quest to run the 90km Comrades ultra marathon in June 2023, with sight in only one eye. Other runners are also joining The Blind Loyalty Trust fundraising. 

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