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Relate was founded with a vision to help the less fortunate create better lives for themselves. It was an idea sparked by the belief that lots of little could make a big difference. They strive to empower the less fortunate, offering them opportunities for a better life through the creation of handmade
beaded bracelets. As a 100% NOT-FOR-PROFIT social enterprise, they focus on creating earning opportunities for all involved, at every stage. To date, 60% of their revenue has been donated to credible causes and invested in social upliftment.
Whenever you buy and wear Relate bracelets, you know that your contribution will reach the causes and people for whom it was meant, and ultimately change lives.

Blind Loyalty is proud to be in partnership with Relate with the Blind Loyalty bracelets. Money raised from selling these bracelets is used towards helping patients who cannot see.

These are some of the ways that you can incorporate the Blind Loyalty bracelets into your corporate/personal world:
Buy bracelets now
Whether you are celebrating a loyalty milestone, managing a conference or simply giving staff or clients a gift, the Blind Loyalty Relate co-branded bracelet is a perfect solution.
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Empower your customers to donate their loyalty points to Blind Loyalty .... it’s so easy yet makes a huge impact!
Can you sell these beautiful Blind Loyalty bracelets in your store?
Open your eyes to the gift of vision and help others see the wonders around them.
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sell BL braclets.png
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Some of the incredible women at Relate who make these beautiful bracelets
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