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Our Individual Heroes 

Our Heroes have taken a personal goal and turned it into something life changing for someone else. Our heroes are doing the extraordinary to raise funds to help Blind Loyalty. Take a look at our heroes below and their personal stories they have shared. If you would like to join our team and turn your personal goal into something extraordinary contact us here

David Carr

I am participating in the Holkham Half Iron Man 2023 but this year I need your support however small to raise money for Blind Loyalty.

My wife is a Trustee of this South African Charity which was set up by her University friend.


Amanda lost the sight in her right eye a year ago. Rather than let this life changing experience get her down, Amanda has founded a charity to help underprivileged patients who would not be able to access care to prevent blindness.

An ultra runner and Iron Man competitor herself, Amanda is now adjusting to her endurance events one eyed. It’s the least I can do to pledge my event as one of the Blind Loyalty Heroes.

Imagine the shock of sudden sight loss without access to the NHS services we take for granted. The fear and helplessness of knowing something could be done but you do not have the money to pay for the essential treatment you need. Your small gift to the Blind Loyalty Trust can help prevent someone living needlessly with blindness.

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